Thanksgiving Collection Escape

Thanksgiving Collection Escape is a point and click escape game developed by  Help the turkey to collect all the pumpkins which are hidden in this farm and escape from this place. Good Luck Have Fun!

Thanksgiving Party Escape

Thanksgiving Party Escape is a point and click escape game developed by  In this escape game, you are locked in a party house. Try to escape from this party house by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your best escape skills to find your way out. Good luck and have fun!

Dinosaur Adventure Escape

The motivation of this game has to rescue from the dinosaur eggs by use your smart skills.Imagine,one dinosaur is going to searching for the food.that time one hunter is to take the,please help to rescue with eggs.First you can collect some hidden objects and some hints.Are you play to interesting the rescue with egg escape game?

Traditional French House Escape

Traditional French House Escape Game is another point and click room escape game . Welcome back, escapers! Story of this game , Dream up a situation that you are trapped in side a Traditional French House.You will have more additional excitement in playing this point and click escape game.

Flying Car Escape

Flying Car Escape is another point and click escape game . In near future there will be lot of inventions by man. One of those inventing will be a flying car which will be used by almost all the people. In such future a little boy drove that car and went to a forest.

Abandoned University Escape

While on vacation you got lost and came across this abandoned university. Now you must look around and find a way to escape! Good luck and have fun!

Car And Caravan Escape

You are traveling on a national highway by car. While traveling your car just stopped. Seeing the dashboard alert he came to know that the fuel tank is empty and he haven't noticed the alert since long time. Help him to find the fuel. Good luck...